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Meaning is found in the wilderness. Embark on the adventure of a life-time and create memories that will last far beyond the trail.

Diverge from typical tourist destinations and explore dangerous and soul-stretching paths in the most inspiring areas of the world. These expeditions will change how you view God, yourself, and the world. Pack your bag and let’s go. The adventure awaits.

Upcoming Trips

December 14, 2020

Jesus Trail, Israel

May 2022 | Walk in the footsteps of Christ. Camp with Bedouins in a starlight desert. Climb the unforgiving mountain where Moses met God. Your Bible will never look the…
May 17, 2021

Jericho Trail, Israel

October 2021 | This 30-mile backpack journey will take you from Jericho to Jerusalem through the gorgeous Wadi Qelt.
May 17, 2021

Colorado, USA

August 2021 | Ditch the car hop on the mountain train. The train takes you from Durango and drops you off deep in the wilderness. Hike 7 miles to basecamp,…


Our team of experienced travel guides will assist you from beginning to end as you embark on a tailor-made journey for your group. Get unique accommodations, insider discounts, and authentic cultural experiences not otherwise accessible to the general public.

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Soul of the Wild Podcast

Uncharted Adventures founders Josh and Tommy Doyle bring incredible stories from their decade of travel into the Middle East. These tales will encourage and inspire you to get outside. They have countless stories and are passionate about telling them. AND… What’s an adventure podcast without a few eerie stories? You’ll get that and more when you tune into, Soul of the Wild.

What They Are Saying

Uncharted Adventures gave me the experience of a lifetime. Hiking into the Sea of Galilee allowed my faith come to life, and there’s no better group to do it with. Josh and Tommy create such a fun and safe atmosphere for their trips, one that turned several strangers into great friendships. I can’t wait for my next trip with Uncharted!

Trey McGhin

Embarking on an Uncharted trip forever changed how I read the Bible and shattered my previously held perceptions of Israel. Josh and Tommy have years of experience leading teams off the beaten path and their knowledge of the terrain, culture and people of these lands is expert and vast. The best part is...they don't take themselves too seriously as they do an incredible job of team building and infusing fun into the entire experience.

Tabitha Steinbock

I have been able to travel all across the world with different tour companies and no other tour was like the one I went on with Josh and Tommy at Uncharted. Their knowledge of the country, culture, and terrain were incredible and their organization of the trip made for a much more personal experience on the ground. I really did feel like I was on an adventure getting to do things few others ever have the opportunity to experience. Looking forward to booking my next trip with them.

Tom Dosch

Going to the Middle East with Uncharted Adventures allowed me to see the Holy Land in a richer way than if going as a typical tourist. The team has built meaningful relationships with locals — allowing for behind the scenes tours and insights otherwise missed. They are the only choice for those seeking to illuminate their faith while also embracing their adventurous side.

Jarrett Johnston

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