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We’ve Led 100+ Trips Over the Past 25 Years

Based in Dallas, TX, Uncharted Adventures has led ministry, mission, and adventure trips to the Middle East and beyond since 1995. What started as a pastor’s family’s love of the Middle East grew to now over 100 trips under our belts. Our multi-generation guide staff posses a deep knowledge of cultural customs, rich relationships with locals, and ministry connections that are unmatched in the travel industry.

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Meet the Guides

Born and raised in the Colorado mountains, our leadership is known for their love of remote travel, telling a good story, and their commitment to making their faith known. Their ability to provide extraordinary experiences and make connections with locals is unparalleled. From the Middle East to the Midwest, their depth of knowledge runs deep. 

Josh Doyle

 Managing Partner and Co-Founder 

Josh has been experiencing people groups and their cultures for over a decade. He leads expeditions to some of the most dangerous and remote countries on the planet. His beautiful wife Jessie is a wild soul and adventurer at heart as well. They have three amazing sons together.

Tommy Doyle

Managing Partner and Co-Founder

From a young age, Tommy strived to be outside, from the deserts of the American southwest to the mountains of Colorado. His love for God’s creation and strong desire to serve those in need led him to organize relief missions internationally. Tommy’s home base is in the Lone Star State and adventures domestically and abroad whenever possible.

Tom & Joann Doyle


Tom & JoAnn Doyle have been leading trips to the Holy Land since 1995 and have developed a passion for ministering to the people of the region. They have authored many books together including Women Who Risk: Secret Agents for Jesus in A Muslim World.


We Give 10% to Ministries Benefitting the Middle East

We yearn to see the Middle East turn their hearts toward Jesus.  We are continually investing in gifted local leaders God has raised up to reach and disciple new believers from 10 nations throughout the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Arab Gulf. By going on an Uncharted Adventure participants will not only support the efforts of building churches, feeding refugees, and ministering to kids, but many will get to see first hand the impact of their giving while on the ground.

About Uncharted Ministries


Rest is Found in the Wilderness

We all feel drained by the battles we face, but God doesn’t call us into a relationship of complacency and boredom. The Living Spirit that rose Jesus from the grave lives inside of us. Often it takes us disconnecting from the daily grind and meeting with Him in the wilderness to rekindle this truth and find renewed energy.

Uncharted Adventures provides a unique time to fellowship, to pause, and to feel refreshed — and for the Lord to light a fire in your soul. The Israelites fled to the wilderness for grace and prevision, and to rest in the Lord. The Lord will meet you here in the wilderness this week.

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We Go Where Others Won’t

We offer trips that other travel agencies won’t. Maybe it’s because we were the kids that played with matches when we were younger. Or maybe it’s because there are remote cultures and people out there that are worth reaching and exploring.

While we travel to potentially dangerous areas of the world, we never risk the safety of our team. We have national leaders on the ground that watch our every step and advise if plans need to change or places should be avoided. We are trained to have contingency plans if things need to adapt.

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Why Uncharted?


Is it safe to go to the Middle East?

Yes, it is safe. Well if you watch the news it’s not. We have national leaders on the ground that watch our every step and they will only take us to safe places. There are unsafe places in the Middle East, likewise there are unsafe places in the US. We are trained to have contingency plans if things were to go awry. 

Does the trip total include my airline ticket?

Some trips include flights in the trip price. Some trips do not. Due to logistical challenges and travel preferences it is often up to the trip host if the price includes flights or not. If a trip price does include flights but you have your own travel arrangements and choose to get your own flight please contact your trip leader. Flights must arrive within a 2.5-hour window of the designated set time or you’re on your own for transportation. Shuttle or Taxi can be arranged with trip leader.

Will I be able to use social media while I am there?

Yes, you’re able to use Social Media however when we’re in sensitive areas we ask that you respect our Nationals, but keep our location private.

Can I leave my Passport in my luggage?

No, you will need to have your Passport on your person daily as it will be needed to get entry into Biblical sites. It is also safer to have your Passport in a zippered pocket, pouch around your waist so it will reduce the chance of theft or misplacement.

How much personal money should I bring?

We recommend bringing 100 – 300 dollars so you can buy souvenirs for those back at home.